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  Gaomi Feishilongda Electronics Co.,Ltd, the original body dragon Beijing feida electronics group co., Ltd, is the collection scientific research, development, production and business operation, technical service in the integration of electronic professional manufacturers. In order to expand production and business scope of our company in September 2010 move from Beijing to province gaomi city. Now the company is located in gaomi city feels ashamed springs industrial park, east and west in weifang, Qingdao factory close to jinan-qingdao highway, convenient transportation and elegant environment, has good humanity, policy and geographical location advantages.

   Gaomi Feishilongda Electronics Co.,Ltd,is the larger manufacturer and sales center in northern China, has more than 40 years rich experience in manufacturing semiconductor discrete devices. The company has from the chips to encapsulate test a full set of production technology, for a handful of domestic production, manufacturing a full range of diodes, rectifier bridge one of the scale of the enterprise. In recent years, the company relies on strong ability of independent research and development, the high quality customer group and the scale of production capacity, gradually strengthened in the same industry leading position. The company through continuous efforts, has successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.
   Our main products include Transient Voltage Suppressions、ZENER Diode 、Schottky Rectifier、 Bidirectional Trigger Diode and High Back Pressure Rectifier Diode、Automobile Rectifier、 all kinds of high, low-frequency rectifier diode and rectifier bridge, etc., we can provide different types of packaging form, including all types of molding the axial lead encapsulation, surface mounted encapsulation. The annual output reached 1 billion. Our customers throughout the world, products are mainly sold to domestic Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other coastal areas and export to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
   The company relying on technology advantage, quality advantage and brand advantages, marketing advantages as well as the scale of production capacity, continuously consolidate and upgrade in the industry leading position, the company uphold the “innovation unlimited, achievement value. Achievement you I, contributing to society” core philosophy, long-term adherence to the “create value for customers, create profits for the company, for employees to create the future” of the mission, and believe in your support and care, we will be able to achieve “exceed customer demand, the good faith user cooperation, continue to develop innovative” goal.

   My company is willing to work with customers to fly the sky, up to the world!